Lil Bibby took to Instagram to post a picture of himself with his high school diploma today (September 30).

“Fuck it I’m going to College🎓 #UCLA I’m Otw,” the 21-year-old writes in the caption for the photo. “I would like to dedicate this to @realsway @thehappyhourwhb my Moms and Gma. Knowledge is Power❗️ And fuck all of my teachers that ever failed me.”

An in an interview with Sway and Heather B last year, Lil Bibby said he dropped out of school his senior year of high school and detailed how formal education was not valued in the community he grew up in.

“None of my homies don’t go to school,” he said. “I’m from the streets, so you know there be too much shit going on then when you start making a little money, a little drug money or whatever, you just look at school like I’m wasting my time here.”

Since then, the radio personalities have shown support of Lil Bibby pursuing his education. They promised to give him a graduation party if he finished high school.

“I’m so proud of @LilBibby_ for going back to get his diploma,” Sway writes under a repost of the picture. “Education is worth more than currency. Bibby has shown so much potential and setting a great example.”

“It was on my spirit last week to reach out to @lilbibby_ simply to send him some words of encouragement,” Heather B writes under a repost. “I had no idea WHAT I was going to say or why GOD put it on my spirit to do so… I was just being obedient. We’ve been playing phone and text tag so we never got to speak and then THIS just popped up on the ‘gram. Believe or not, after that (now legendary) interview with Sway, some idiots&small thinkers thought I was ‘out of place’ for asking him about his High School education. I asked because when I met this young man he was RESPECTFUL. SMART. And DESERVING of a formal education as welll as THE PURPOSE GOD has for him: I wanted him to know that.@lilbibby_ I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! I know we’re not related, however brother I LOVE YOU and can’t wait to see you so we can celebrate properly! And please tell your family hello as well.”

Lil Bibby received the diploma from Liberty High School, an online program based in Vermont.

The Chicago emcee also received his GED in March.